​Christian Education


Wednesday nights beginning at 6:15pm ZOOM book study is doing a new study on ‘Love is the Way’ by Bishop Michael Curry.



Wed Dec 16 2020 (Week 2)

Chapter 2: Looking for God

Wed Dec 23 2020 (Week 3)

Chapter 3: Making Do and Making New

Wed Dec 30 2020 (Week 4)

Chapter 4: What Desmond Tutu and Dolly Parton Have in Common

Wed Jan 6 2020 (Week 5)

Chapter 5: Love’s Call -- and Love’s Calling

Wed Jan 13 2021 (Week 6)

Chapter 6: It’s Not Easy

Wed Jan 20 2021 (Week 7)

Chapter 7: Leave No One Behind

Wed Jan 27 2021 (Week 8)

Chapter 8: When the Spirit Reworks You

Wed Feb 3 2021 (Week 9)

Chapter 9: The Real E. Pluribus Unum

Wed Feb 10 2021 (Week 10)

Chapter 10: The Great Relationship Revival

Wed Feb 17 2021 (Week 11)

Chapter 11: The Still More Excellent Way

Wed Feb 24 2021 (Week 12)

Chapter 12: Hope, Help, and Healing

Godly Play

Offered twice a month  10:00am in Main Building, lower level, next to the Nursery during the school year.  Pre-k through 2nd grade.  This creative curriculum uses a hands-on approach to storytelling the most beloved tales of the Bible. Godly Play is closed during the summer. Contact the Church office for more information. (Currently Godly Play is closed due to COVID 19)

Tuesday Bible Study

This cheerful and growing group meets weekly throughout the year on Tuesdays at noon in the conference room in the administration building.  It’s jokingly called the “last chance” Bible study by its members, because many of them had never studied the Bible before in their lives, and more than half of the group are retirees.  Perhaps obviously, no previous experience is required or expected.  The group uses a modified version of the ancient practice of Lectio Divina, combined with mutual invitation.


They read and discuss the Gospel reading for the following Sunday and current events, almost always followed by lunch at a local restaurant.   This group meets year round.

(Currently in person  Bible Study has been postponed due to COVID 19)