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Time to think about the pledge campaign

I am a little behind in getting the 2015 St. Francis annual giving campaign kicked off. By the time you read this, I hope to be on track for Pledge Sunday, November 1. In my Herald stewardship article last year, I told you about my life after retirement and how I had been able to devote more time to different activities involving the church, giving me the opportunity to meet parishioners from the other services. I have continued to do this in 2015 and, like last year, I have met and worked with many more people in the parish. Recently 20 of us spent a few hours at the Animal Defense League working at several different tasks, including grounds clean-up, light landscaping, walking dogs, and pl

News from Magdalena House

“An Evening of Hope— Paving the Journey” is the theme for the eighth annual Magdalena House Gala on Saturday, October 24. This primary fundraising event supports Magdalena House throughout the year, since they do not take any local, state, or federal money. As you know, Magdalena House is a transitional home that serves mothers and their children who have fled dangerous and abusive lives by providing transformation through safe and stable housing, education, and a nurturing community. They work with mothers escaping family violence and human trafficking, those aging out of foster care, those in the Child Protective Services system, and those facing homelessness. They rescue the least and the

Pies and Quilts

The Women of the Church have a few events coming up. At our September meeting we discussed the Annual Thanksgiving Bake Sale. We will sell goodies on November 22, so we’re meeting in the church kitchen at 9 a.m. November 21 for a group bake-off of apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies. We encourage everyone to bring your homemade goodies to sell. I have a new recipe for a fresh apple cake that is wonderful. I know you all have your favorite baked goods. All donated money will go toward renovating the two bathrooms next to the parish hall. Amy Johnson and Oksana Snow have been working hard to get the best price for new toilets and flooring for the two bathrooms. Ask them about it—they will give you

Annual Parish Meeting, Oct 4th

October is a big month for the parish. October 4 will be the feast day of our patron saint, St. Francis, and our annual parish meeting. While many congregations hold their annual meetings in January, I asked the vestry to move ours to October last year, and we will continue the pattern this year. There will be a combined service at 10 a.m., immediately followed by the annual meeting. I’ll be honest with you—when I was a child, the phrase annual parish meeting conjured up images of complete boredom. People droning on, reading reports out loud from multiple committees; the budget being read to me in line-by-line excruciating detail; and a sound system that didn’t really work (so I couldn’t rea

Singing with the Choir

When I sit down to plan the music for Sunday mornings, I’m considering a number of things. I start with the lessons for the week. Sometimes it’s ridiculously obvious what the hymns should be. If we read from the second chapter of Philippians, we pretty much have to sing “At the name of Jesus.” When the August 16 Gospel lesson was the John passage that includes all the lyrics to “I am the Bread of Life,” guess what the communion hymn was? But I also have to consider the mood at each point in the service. Quiet, contemplative communion hymns are far different from rousing closingprocessional hymns – what we in the choir call walking music. And then there’s the most important criterion: Do we

Sunday for kids starts September 6th

Our community of children and youth will re-start their Christian formation this year in Godly Play (ages 4-9), the Episcopal Children’s Curriculum (ages 10 -13) and Episcopal Youth Curriculum (ages15-18) the Sunday after Labor Day. Godly Play Storytellers Susan Correa and Scott Huddleston continue their many years’ experience bringing this beautiful Montessori-based, Jerome Berryman-perfected teaching to our smallest children. For our Tweeners curriculum this year, we have several new mentors as Laura Fernandez, Cate Cebrowski, Tom York, and Noelle and Matt Argabright bring their teaching gifts to our younger youth community members. Michelle Autry and Kim Schlecht are taking on the Episco

Meat! It's what's for dinner.

Tom York, Kevin Sykes, and I are starting up “Burn Your Own Steak Night” once again. Join us the last Friday of the month, starting September 25 and continuing October 30 and November 27. It’s the same deal as before: Bring your preference for the grill, a dish to share (salad, dessert, bread, etc.), and of course the beverage of your choice. Meet us at the pavilion for a relaxing time with your fellow parishioners. (reposted from the September Hilltop Herald)

Huge year for the Food Pantry!

In order for our Food Pantry to keep its buying privileges, two of the volunteers must attend an annual mandatory meeting at the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB). Food safety, human rights laws, and other pertinent information are covered every year. At this year’s meeting last month, each agency was handed a blue or pink piece of paper. Pink paper showed that the agency had not increased or had actually decreased the amount of food it had distributed in the last year. Blue paper said how much that agency had increased its food distribution in a year. Well, St. Francis Church, you rock! Louie Guzman, director of food distribution for the SAFB, handed Bill a blue paper indicating that we had dist

Give some Puppy Love!

Join us on Sept 5th at the Animal Defense League 10-noon, as we walk, wash, and play with our furry friends. Contact Gordon or Scott Huddleston for more details.

Website renovated!

The website has been relocated to a new service and host. It looks different, and the way it gets updated is different. New content can be more easily created, so stop by often for new updates!