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Fighting Hunger, Providing Hope

On Saturday July 15, over 30 St. Francis volunteers gathered in the morning to help distribute food from the San Antonio Food Bank. After all was tallied, some 114 families were given fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy products, bread, and assorted canned goods. At the close of the food distribution there were several bags of cans left over. These extra bags were donated to the St. Francis Food Pantry. So, although the official total of families fed from the food truck is 114, there will actually be more families who will benefit from the generosity of St Francis parishioners. Over the next weeks, people coming into the food pantry will receive extra cans of food to help them provide meals for

Believing Thomas: Mary Magdalene

BELIEVING THOMAS By Tom Peterson ©2001, 2017 by Thomas H. Peterson Readers of this column may remember my assertion in the very first of these essays that the Apostle Thomas was the victim of a bad press. It is further my belief that Saint Mary Magdalene, whom we remember annually in our Church Calendar on July 22nd, suffered a similar fate. The “seven demons” of which she was cured by Jesus (Luke 8:2) were afflictions she suffered before their meeting. One should note that this simple statement of miraculous cure by Luke refers only to demonic possession, not necessarily sinfulness. There has been considerable controversy as to whether Mary of Magdala, (described as a small community now