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iCare Ministries

St. Francis cares about each other. Through the iCare Ministries, we offer five pastoral care ministies:  iWrite; iCall, iVisit, and iCook.  These faithful parishioners visit those who are homebound or in care facilities, write to or call those who are recovering from illness or in care facilities, cook for those needing a little extra help with meals, and drive those who aren't able to drive.  Our Rector, Rev. Carrie Guerra, is always available to speak with you. Please call the Church office for an appointment.

Eucharistic Visitors

The Eucharistic Visitors take the consecrated bread and wine to those unable to join the church community in the celebration of Eucharist.  Contact the church office (210) 696-0834 if you or someone you know is in need of a sacramental visit.


Daughters of the King

The "DOK" as they're sometimes called, are a group of women who regularly pray as a “rule of life”  and take on the responsibility of praying in confidence for the needs of others. For information about becoming a "Daughter", please contact Susan Eason  at 


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