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The church is led by a vestry, a group of members of the congregation, elected to serve three-year terms.  The vestry, along with its committees, makes the budget, sets policy, reviews the finances, and cares for church property.  The vestry meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:15pm; vestry meetings are always open to the public.  Current vestry members are: Susan Correa (Senior Warden), Kevin Sykes (Junior warden), Liz Branaum (Treasurer), Karen Gusse (Clerk), Laura Harris, Kim Schlecht, John Marsh, John Johnson, Kandice Garcia, and  Anna Saulsbury-Molina.


Our paid staff includes the Rector,  Parish Administrator,  Maintenance and Campus Caretaker, Sexton,  Organist, and Sectional Singers. A handful of office volunteers support the work of the administrative staff.


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