Huge year for the Food Pantry!

In order for our Food Pantry to keep its buying privileges, two of the volunteers must attend an annual mandatory meeting at the San Antonio Food Bank (SAFB). Food safety, human rights laws, and other pertinent information are covered every year. At this year’s meeting last month, each agency was handed a blue or pink piece of paper. Pink paper showed that the agency had not increased or had actually decreased the amount of food it had distributed in the last year. Blue paper said how much that agency had increased its food distribution in a year. Well, St. Francis Church, you rock! Louie Guzman, director of food distribution for the SAFB, handed Bill a blue paper indicating that we had distributed 4800 pounds more food in the past year as compared to the year before that. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with this distribution, thank you to the vestry for helping fund the Food Pantry, and thank you to the individual parishioners who contribute to the ministry. We are accomplishing our mission, one hungry person at a time. God bless you all. (reposted from the September Hilltop Herald)

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