We've got a new look!

We’re introducing a new logo for St. Francis Episcopal Church, including new colors and fonts. You’ll see our new logo on printed materials like business cards, letterhead, bulletins and brochures, and on our online presence, like our website, Facebook and other social media accounts.

Why did we redesign our St. Francis logo?

A couple reasons:

The old logo was a small low-resolution line graphic and was difficult to reproduce at a large size.

But more importantly, we learned from our Congregational Assessment (CAT) survey that we are becoming a new church with new energy! We believe the new look better matches who we are today.

What’s ahead?

We are in the process of re-designing a new St. Francis brochure that will include the new logo and reflect the new color scheme.

As money is available and it make practical sense, we will update things like exterior and interior signage. So, you will continue to see the old logo on our marque.

The Holy Spirit continues good work at St. Francis and we are blessed and give thanks to God for you.

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