Exploring Eastern Religions, Nov 8th

Starting November 8, the Adult Christian Formation class moves beyond “People of the Book”— Islam—towards Asia. Asia’s ancient religious traditions take us outside the cradle of the monotheistic, Middle Eastern religions to India, Nepal, and beyond. We will now look at Buddhism and Hinduism. What are their origins, their core beliefs, their many varieties? Where are these religions primarily practiced, what cultural hallmarks are there in each, what is the day in the life of a Buddhist or Hindu?

When we engage our neighboring Hindu and Buddhist neighbors, as well as the many refugees from Nepal surrounding St. Francis, to build community, we need to know these things. St. Francis parishioner John Eppele has spent many years working in Nepal and throughout Asia and knows these religions and cultures well. He will share his knowledge about and experiences with Buddhists and Hindus to help us connect with these fascinating cultures.

(reposted from November Hilltop Herald)

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